12 August 2017

Darwin was right

An Iowa man was arrested after police allegedly found him carrying meth as he tried to deposit a million-dollar bill into his bank account.

Dennis Strickland, 33, attempted to deposit the bill, which he said was worth $1 million, into his bank account in Sioux City on Thursday.
In other "room temperature IQ" news...
ATHENS, Ala. — Authorities say an Alabama man whacked his twin brother with an aluminum baseball bat because he didn’t want to share tacos. Dukes later told a deputy that his twin is “always disrespecting me.”


Bill Elder said...

Is this a product of inbreeding or methamphetamine fetal syndrome?

Anonymous said...

old white guy says..............funny that. I have a million dollar bill. it really does look like real money. unfortunately it says that it is not legal tender in very small print. I wonder if I keep it for a few more years whether or not there will be someone stupid enough to accept it.

Neo Conservative said...

reminds me of a scene from "the wire" where the cops use a photocopier as a truth machine to get a gangbanger to admit to a murder.

plenty of dumbass criminals out there.