19 May 2017

At a cost of $550 million each

...in 2010 dollars...

The B21 will funnel huge amounts of money to Northrop-Grumman and, in the event of a thermonuclear war... will arrive at the bubbling remains of targets several hours after the Navy’s D5 Trident II missiles get there.

The aircraft relies on the assumption that, in thirteen years when it enters service, anti-stealth technology will not have reached the point of making it even more obviously useless.


Dollops said...

"Don't put all your eggs in one basket." As nuclear capability spreads and defensive technologies improve the perception must be maintained that it is suicide to start a nuclear war. Not even Ayatollahs are so heedless of the consequences of bringing searing destruction down upon their privileged earthly positions that they would unleash such a war unless they calculated a possibility of escaping it alive. Take away the hope of any escape; expand the nuclear triad to a sexad or nonad and thus save the world -- not a few millions of dollars.

Neo Conservative said...

so, you really believe the answer here is more nuclear warheads?