23 May 2017

Another double murder in Hogtown...

...must be Tuesday...insert alt text here

Toronto police are investigating a double homicide in the city’s east end. Officers were flagged down in the area of Logan Avenue and Gerrard Street East at around 11:50 p.m. and directed to a vehicle with a gravely injured man inside.

Investigators, with the assistance of the emergency task force, entered the home on Cavell Avenue and located the body of a female inside.

UPDATE: Save one, forget the other...

...but don't call 911...
The first of the two deaths unfolded as the driver of a white Acura was attempting to drive his relative — a man in his 20s — to hospital. The investigation into the man’s shooting led police to the woman’s body in a Toronto Community Housing Corp. apartment at 96 Cavelle Ave., near Pape and Danforth Aves.
Surely, not the same "community housing" that city council is once again vowing to clean up.


UPDATE2: Surprise, surprise
TORONTO - A man found mortally shot in a car in Leslieville late Monday has been identified as Abdiqani Abshir, 24.


Bill Elder said...

A good fire would cure the problem.

Neo Conservative said...

yet people choose to live in these murder holes over multiple generations... go figger.