23 May 2017

The Dumbest Generation

In their never-ending pursuit of social justice, know-nothing college students burn the wrong witch yet again...

“'Lou Reed was a difficult and sometimes unpleasant person, but transphobic he was not,' Sounes said. 'Reed was a bisexual who had close friendships, and conducted love affairs with transgender men'.”

“They literally found a pro-trans song to be transphobic because it implied being trans is uncommon/unusual. Look at when the song was written for a little perspective.”

"In the mid-1970s, Reed was in what was essentially a marriage with a transgender person who went by both Ricky and Rachel."


Anonymous said...

Ok, like, you've crossed the line! Like, posting a story about a story about students who were upset with a bisexual songwriter, who like, wrote a song about trans people, like, perpetuates the CIS white male, patriarchal tyranny, that has like, oppressed the pan-homotrans community and BLM like, since forever. Racist.

Neo Conservative said...

i despair of all these college-coddled, safe-spacing, non-binary, never read a history book in their life immbeciles.

no wonder we have twenty somethings curling up with colouring books and "graphic" novels, hiding themseelves away from the real world.

this is the demographic who elected pierre-lite so they could score legal dope.

there are gonna be some long faces when these kids realise that they've brought a horrific tax (and other) burden down around their shoulders.


Bill Elder said...

Not to worry Neo - these zombies will be the first ground up in a social/cultural correction being planned now in Mosques around the globe.

Neo Conservative said...

those who choose to ignore history are condemned to repeat it.