29 May 2017

You've come a wrong way, Baby!

And all the black women will be sitting at the back of the theatre...

"Congratulations Alamo Drafthouse!!! You're fighting sexism with sexism!" stated another man to the New York theatre. "Way to make women look equal to men and vice versa by separating them."

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"Protesters also put up signs that included language such as 'I’m sick of white tears' and 'Fuck your white complacency'.”
Perhaps, at some point, one of these incidents won't be a hoax.


LAST WORD: Hunter College - The Final Solution
As of press time, “Abolition of Whiteness” does not appear to have been added to the list of courses that satisfy the “Pluralism and Diversity requirement,” though at least 30 other Women and Gender Studies courses are included, including one course on “Feminist Political Theory” and a special topics course on “body politics.”


Anonymous said...

old white guy says........... the page is not there at the moment, but it sounds as if they are preparing for an Islamic take over where women will always sit at the back or in another room.

Neo Conservative said...

not unlike "black lives matter" calling for a separate five state homeland for african americans.

i wonder what martin luther king would think of that.


Anonymous said...

The beat goes on, I think the real racists just outed themselves.
white lives apparently don't matter
See Zimbabwe, see them kick out the white farmers, see them ask them to come back.