15 May 2017

And Winston Churchill wept...

"One of Britain’s top private schools, Highgate in north London, has a uniform policy allows female pupils to wear trousers, dark blue jackets, and ties but boys can’t choose to wear the grey pleated skirts that make up part of the girls’ uniform."

"They are now bringing in 'gender-neutral uniforms' that would allow boys to wear skirts."


Rich said...

Require kilts for all.....change the band to all-pipes & drums, problem solved. Spread this idea throughout the realm.
The Scots may have been centuries ahead of their time.
In fact it may be the culmination of an extremely clever plot come to fruition. They plan to infiltrate and assimilate western society by stealth.
Wall needed?...this time waaay taller than Hadrian's.

Frances said...

Just style the skirts so they resemble kilts, just like the khaki ones worn by some troops in WW I.

Bill Elder said...

A wise philosopher once said that the greatest challenge of the 21st century would be getting through it with some remnant of sanity.

When you see gender identity so grotesquely twisted to literally confuse rational people - where the power of media propagates there are many "sexes" that sex is a social construct - you really have to put down your work a day life concerns and find out WHO is erasing sanity and specifically WHY.

Neo Conservative said...

i dunno about kilts... wouldn't that be cultural appropriation?


Frances said...

Neo - as long as they can profit from sale of same, the Scots don't care.

Rich said...

Aye laddie...it would be cultural appropriation and it is all part of the master plan.

The term used would be Scottish by Stealth.