06 May 2017

Elections aren't about "Truth"...

...they're about entrenched power...forget truth**********

UPDATE: France - the re-surrendering...cheese eating surrender monkeys

Paris' main Mosque said on Sunday that the election of centrist Emmanuel Macron as France's next president over far-right leader Marine Le Pen was a sign of reconciliation between French religions.

"It is a clear sign of hope to French Muslims that they can live in harmony and respect of French values", La Grande Mosquée de Paris said in a statement.


Bill Elder said...

I'm convinced after watching the last 3 Us elections and the last Canadian general that we will never see unrigged elections again - unless the fake media is kept out of partisan PR and rigging polls

Neo Conservative said...

in truth, the wheel has been gaffed from day one.

the established parties select the candidates. only paid up members are part of the selection process. a tiny minority of people select potential leaders.

then the party leader approves his candidate members. remember how pierre-lite wouldn't sign nomination papers for any candidates who weren't pro-abortion?

don't delude yourself... there is no real democracy here.


Anonymous said...

The left wing parties, the press and the judiciary conspired to knock down the conservative candidate for president Fillon who was leading in the polls at the start with a scandal that would not be judged before the election is over.

Anonymous said...

hey Neo a little Hillare Billock is in order

Here richly with ridiculous display, the politicans corpse was laid away
All of his acquaintance sneered and slanged,
I wept, for I had longed to see him (her) hanged