03 September 2016

Who says Barack and Hillary...

..aren't good for the economy?gun salesman in chief
"Not only did Smith & Wesson sales soar 40%, but the company now expects to earn as much as $2.48 per share this fiscal year. That's well above Wall Street's target."
You might just wanna add Sturm Ruger to your portfolio as well.


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"The number of restricted guns in Canada shot up 9.5 per cent last year, bringing the number of restricted firearms registered across the country to its highest point in more than a decade."
Despite this, the CBC does it's best to cast aspersions on the Harper Conservatives...
Much of the period that has seen the sharpest increase in restricted firearms corresponds to former Prime Minister Stephen Harper's government.
Don't worry though, now that the Boy-King is in office, I'm sure the numbers will plummet.