04 September 2016

Political Correctness Kills... & maims... &...

I'm guessing the "personal injury lawyers" are lined up three deep all along Trafalgar Square...rainbows
"Day-trippers and tourists complained they don’t know which way to turn while crossing streets in central London after being confronted by a series of arrows pointing in different directions.

The solitary “green man”, who has been featured on UK traffic lights since 1969, has now been joined by a male partner or replaced with two green women holding hands."
Don't ask, don't tell... really don't wanna get run over.


UPDATE: When Idealogies Collide

So, what happens when an irresistable trend meets an immovable religion?
Muhammad was the most popular name given to newborn boys in London in 2015, marking the fourth year in a row that the name has topped the chart in the city.

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A little more jail... a little less sweat lodge...
“Both of them have a rap sheet a mile long, and they’re out there on the street terrorizing the public.”
Of course... that's only half the story.