16 September 2016

Ask a "professional" journalist

Over at the Toronto "Red" Star... they've yet to meet a criminal they couldn't lionise...
"Having seemingly "OVERCOME A ROUGH PATCH" that included prison time for A STRING OF BANK ROBBERIES in 2007 and 2008, Ryan appeared to have made strides toward a HAPPY, HEALTHY LIFE."
Until, of course... he went on an INTRA-FAMILIAL KILLING SPREE.


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It's all fun and games until somebody loses a limb... or two... or...
Forget ISIS and Assad, the Syrian civil war could produce something far more deadly: widespread antibiotic resistance. There's a growing number of Syrians who are immune to almost all antibiotics. The only way to treat them is to amputate their affected limbs and inject them with last-resort drugs.

LAST WORD: Calling Rona Ambrose
Canadian family laws may have to adapt once again, according to new research on polyamory.

Not a word about you-know-who in this article. Lots of pictures of white people though.
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