14 September 2016

If the CBC really wanted to help...

...they could let the federal government redirect that annual billion plus dollar corporate welfare cheque straight into health care.insert alt text hereFace it, folks... rhetorical flourishes aside, there is no hypothetical proverbial "gunman" here... and short of locking people up (and tying them down) you can't stop anyone from committing suicide.

And just so we're clear here... cooking up a murky bindle of unidentifiable powder you just scored from smelly ol' Skinny Pete out behind the strip club and slammin' it into a vein with a filthy communal syringe is the dictionary definition of... "I just don't give a fuck anymore."

You can't save people from themselves. The fact is, if you take on the daunting responsibility of bringing children into this world, you are honour bound to do everything you can to make sure they know how to survive and thrive. Then, at some point, you send them off into the world.

As hard as this is to hear, if you did your "not bullshittin' myself, honest to gawd very best," and they still don't make it, that's just not on you.

Just as importantly, it's not on some doctor, or cop or politician.

It's on them, period.

And short of hunting down and hollowing out the evil fuck who sold your child a hangman's noose, (and for most of us, that's just not on the table) you have to learn to live with that knowledge. I mean, what's the alternative?


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Gotta have priorities, right?