24 September 2016

Ontarians have the most expensive...

... electricity in North America... and it's no mystery why...
Over the last decade, Ontario customers have paid $6.3 billion to cover the cost of selling high-priced electricity to customers outside of the province, according to a new study by the Consumer Policy Institute.

Customers outside Ontario don’t pay the Global Adjustment, so those excess costs are paid only by Ontario ratepayers and act as a subsidy from Ontarians to customers in other states and provinces.
If we're losing, that means somebody has to be "Wynning."


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Two more Liberal senior staffers are paying back almost $55,000 in moving expenses a day after two of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's most senior staff were compelled to repay $65,000 of their own moving expenses.
There's a reason they call them the Libranos.


LAST WORD: How do you know when...

...a Liberal is lying? Yeah... their lips move...
Monsef’s story of fleeing her native Afghanistan was a central part of her campaign when she ran unsuccessfully for mayor of Peterborough in 2014... yet the narrative she has built of being the first Afghan-born Member of Parliament — something trumpeted by the Liberals — isn’t true.
It's getting harder & harder to be shocked.