02 September 2016

Cukier Monster?

E-mails obtained by The Globe and Mail reveal that the Ryerson investigation was initially prompted by a 1,500-word complaint that was made on June 30, 2015, to senior administrators at the university.

The complaint alleged that Dr. Cukier’s department was a “toxic work environment” where lower-level employees were fearful for their jobs.

Among the allegations were claims that employees were expected and asked to work weekends and overtime without compensation, that work was publicly criticized and that burnout was rife.

“When you complete … tasks and assignments, you are critiqued and your work is often torn apart,” the complaint stated.

Dr. Cukier has not spoken to the media about the reasons for the departure. She is currently on a sabbatical from the school.

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An investigation "suggested staff exercises and retreats to improve a sense of workplace 'togetherness.' This included a team-building activity that featured Lego blocks."

According to Ontario’s public salary disclosure database, Cukier was paid $289,784.04 for her role as a Ryerson vice-president in 2015.

LAST WORD: Wendy Cukier, Wendy Cukier...

...that sounds so familiar.