13 September 2016

What's the world coming to...

...if you can't trust the word of William Jefferson Clinton...slick willie
"So let's get a little serious here. They'll do the right thing. Just wait and see. And she's — she's gonna be fine. And they'll do the right thing."
Will somebody just feed this guy an intern?


UPDATE: Charlie Rose sells his soul


RELATED: The ever-shifting narrative
• Hillary is in EXCELLENT health
• Except for the allergies.
• And the cough, which is, of course, allergies. To what? Does it matter?
• The point is her allergies have nothing to do with why she stumbled.
• Stumbled, fainted, collapsed unconscious... is there really a difference?
• She was just overheated. Her feet were hot, that's why she took off her shoes. Shoe.
• Actually, we meant to say she was dehydrated.
• And by dehydrated, we meant to say pneumonia.
Lord love a duck.


RELATED2: Ask Colin Powell
The Clinton campaign’s effort to blur the lines between Clinton’s private email server and Powell’s AOL account left Powell deeply frustrated.

LAST WORD: A bigger basketgonna need a bigger basket
“Swear to God, Hillary Clinton is the only woman I know who can trip over her own dick. What was that? Did your team just decide, hey, nothing else is working, why don’t we try insulting Americans into voting for her?”
(via reader rich)