12 February 2015

What's the big rush?

In Barack Obama's pipe-dreamy vision of a moderate Islam... there's always a happy ending...barack husseins buddiesExcept when there isn't.
In early June, London had a “positive identification and that information was shared with Washington,” said a British source. The delay of nearly a month before the rescue bid was mounted remains a source of bewilderment for British officials. The following month, ISIS began beheading its American and British prisoners in a series of grisly Internet videos.
Another Whitehouse misstep that resulted in three civilian deaths? Benghazi much?

Another question that has arisen... was the U.S. trying to distract the media by offering up the "jihadi bride" narrative?
On Wednesday, reports surfaced that Mueller may have been given as a bride to an ISIS fighter. But British sources questioned the claim, saying it was the first they had heard of it and it didn’t crop up in any “chatter they were monitoring” or in communications between London and Washington.
Yes, Mr President... I blame the Crusades, too.