19 February 2015

If you really think Canada is...

...becoming too repressive... you could move to Saudi Arabia...
The Angus Reid poll indicates just what a political juggernaut the security bill is – widely popular in every province, every age group, and across party lines. More than four in five Canadians – 82 per cent – back the new legislation... Far from seeing it as too sweeping, they tend to want more: 36 per cent say it does not go far enough.
You don't have to be a Weatherman...


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...blames the NRA for American deaths... but Islam gets a pass?
Despite a world rocked by attacks carried out by Muslims, President Obama dismissed religion’s role in global terrorism. “No religion is responsible for terrorism. People are responsible for terrorism.”
Meanwhile, back at home, he just can't bring himself to say "criminals are responsible for murder."

Funny how that works.


LAST WORD: He's so dreamy
Meanwhile, Barack Obama went golfing today for the third day in a row.