12 February 2015

In 2006, when Mark Steyn wrote

..."America Alone", he was vilified by the left. Turns out, he was spot on...

get ready for the new caliphateAnd you don't have to travel to some distant backwater to confirm his arithmetic...
The number of children growing up as Muslims in the UK has almost doubled in a decade in what experts have described as an “unprecedented” shift in Britain’s social make-up. At a time when the wider population is ageing rapidly, half of British Muslims are under the age of 25 and a third are under 15.
The big picture...
Overall 2.7 million people... described themselves as Muslim. That is up from just under 1.6 million in 2001 – a 75 per cent jump.
The times they are a changin'. Need an example?
Chris Grayling, the Justice Secretary, could be dragged into a messy legal battle after a Muslim family demanded that a “non-believer” who was buried next to their relation be exhumed for religious reasons.

The unnamed Muslim family raised objections after an 89-year-old Roman Catholic man was buried in a plot adjacent to their relation.


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According to the result of a study of the “Social Science Center Berlin,” 70% of Belgian Muslims consider religious rules as more important than the law.
When Muslims achieve critical political mass in any country, is it so hard to believe that the Koran will supercede the law of the land?

Trust me, polygamy will be the least of it.


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Italy’s birth rate has fallen to its lowest level since the foundation of the modern state in 1861, prompting fresh alarm in a society that has been steadily ageing for decades.

Beatrice Lorenzin, the minister of health, said: “We are at the threshold where people who die are not being replaced by newborns. That means we are a dying country.

"This situation has enormous implications for every sector: the economy, society, health, pensions, just to give a few examples."
Not to worry, though... the New Caliphate is well on its way.