26 February 2015

Remember all those people...

...who claimed to be Mi’kmaq?

Here's chapter 2...if wishes made it soOf course, there's just one small hitch...
APTN also says the twins’ father, Anthony Larmond, claims his sons get their aboriginal heritage through his side of the family, although, as the report notes, he could not recall a First Nation community to which his family might be associated.

The twins’ lawyer Joseph Addelman declined to comment on Wednesday on his client’s bid to be recognized as First Nations members.
C'mon, now... isn't this like all those guys in jail who adopt "aboriginal identities" to get into special programs? Doesn't wishing make it so?


UPDATE: I blame Stephen Harper
The twins father, Anthony Larmond said he blames the arrests on Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s “crusade against ISIS and turning our country into a prison state.

“It’s a sad day for freedom when our citizens can be jailed for a belief.”
Or anything else, right? One small detail the Ottawa Citizen neglected to mention...
Larmond is currently at a Toronto halfway house finishing a six-year sentence for armed robbery.

"I live on a reservation, my whole family does, my mother is a Councillor here, half of the community has my family name, but my grandfather who is only half aboriginal married a beautiful white women (My grandmother) and they had my mother who is only one quarter aboriginal. Since my Father is also white, I’m only one eighth. I live, work, and am even in a common law relationship here and get no Indian status. All my records can be traced back to where I live no problem, it still doesn’t matter I guess. If these twins get status, I’m going to freak the fuck out. and we will have a fight on our hands."

RELATED: A noble sentiment indeed...
“Ending the violence in our communities is the bottom line,” he said Wednesday. Indigenous women “have a right to live free in an environment that is healthy, loving and caring.”
Unfortunately, it may be a little more complicated than issuing yet another statement...
The incarceration rate of aboriginal men is 11 times that of non-native men; of women, it is 250 times the rate for non-native women.
Hmmm... nobody seems to mention those numbers when they talk about missing or murdered women. Strange.