06 February 2015

And then, after neutering the military...

...he can start disarming the police...

justin al-trudeau
“I’ve never been against Canada engaging robustly against ISIS,” Liberal leader Justin Trudeau said, but insisted it should be confined to “military missions that are non-combat.”
Yeah, you give JTF2 a duffel bag full of aerosol spray cans... and they can sneak into terrorist held enclaves and tag enemy tanks.


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Eve Adams... professional albatross...
But the new seat next door, which was created through redistribution, is safe. That makes the nomination a prize worth having. If she gets it, her $163,700 salary will be secure for a long, long time.

But she won’t get it. The party will veto her. She and Mr. Soudas have been sentenced to the outer darkness reserved for people who make the Prime Minister look bad.
Yessirree... yet another coup for the natural governing party.