02 February 2015

Meet a man who can call the Whitehouse...

...and advise his buddy, the president, anytime, day or night...
So far, EVERY for-profit enterprise started by Al Sharpton and known to National Review Online has been shut down in at least one jurisdiction for failure to pay taxes, a review of public records in New York and Delaware reveals.

Their financial records are copious, confusing, and sometimes outright bizarre, and together, they depict persistent financial woes for Sharpton, who also personally owes New York State nearly $596,000, according to active tax warrants.
Does Al Sharpton have some sort of transactional immunity? Would anyone be surprised if Sharpton fesses up shortly before Barack Obama leaves office... and is then granted a presidential pardon?


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Celebrities lined up to support Tawana, including Bill Cosby, who posted a $25,000 reward for information on the case; Don King, who promised $100,000 for Brawley’s education; and Spike Lee, who in his 1989 film, “Do the Right Thing,” included a shot of a graffiti message reading, “Tawana told the truth.”
Sadly, the truth was that Brawley, under Sharpton's tutelage, tried to ruin a man's life and they were both held to account by a civil court. Guess who paid off Al Sharpton's civil judgement?
In 1998, Pagones won his defamation lawsuit. Maddox was found liable for $97,000, Mason for $188,000, and Sharpton for $66,000 — money that was paid by celebrity lawyer Johnnie Cochran and other benefactors.
Other benefactors? Like the celebs cited above?

Now Al Sharpton, race hustler extraordinaire is a Whitehouse advisor. That explains the Trayvon debacle. And Ferguson.

It's past time the Whitehouse severs connections with Al Sharpton. But it won't.