23 December 2014

Dear Gays against Israeli Apartheid...

If this guy could do it all over again... (and he can't, because he's, well, uh... dead)... I'm guessing he would gladly make his home in Tel Aviv... gay old time
In a statement which accompanied the images, ISIS said "the Islamic court in Wilayet al-Furat decided that a man who has practised sodomy must be thrown off the highest point in the city."

It said the man would also be "stoned to death."
And, as the pictures from the scene graphically indicate, in what forensic examiners would label "extreme overkill"... he was.

For extra points, maybe someone out there can identify the only country in the Middle East that actually has Gay pride parades.

C'mon, ladies, gents (and others)... I can't hear you!


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It's not like any of that could happen in a westernised... oh my gawd...
Islamic jihadists called for attacks on France, and suddenly mentally ill people unaccountably screaming “Allahu akbar” are coming out of the woodwork. This is the third jihad attack in France in as many days.
And the USA, and Australia and Canada and...


UPDATE: Meanwhile, back in Canuckistan...

peace and joyCanadian media still playing, "Who's the Real Victim?"
His lawyer, Julie Bernier, said after the court proceedings she thought Mr. Labelle looked “stressed.” “You have to understand that he has no prior convictions and this was the first time he was in front of a court,” Ms. Bernier said.
Oh that poor little dear... a few maps to police stations and he's in the soup.

If you want actual useful information, you have to dig a little deeper...
According to his grandmother, however, he was not dangerous. “He wasn’t that kind of boy,” Sylvie Labelle told TVA. “When he converted, he found inner peace. He wanted to take care of his mother and be the man of the house.”
Apart from the maps and notes, there was just one small fly in the Islamic ointment.

As Granny tells it... Mr. Labelle had taken to carrying around a machete... presumably, like any other unremarkable Canadian boy, to protect mummy dearest.

Lopping off heads? Good grief, no, Officer... I was only looking out for me ol' Mum.

I guess Montreal has taken a turn for the worse since I last visited.