30 May 2013

What could be more Canadian than...

...government-enforced quotas...
ask a liberal supporter

"[Liberal] Laurel Broten, Ontario’s minister responsible for women’s issues, revealed in an interview that the provincial government is working with the NBA on ways to compel professional basketball teams to set goals for boosting the number of admittedly shorter lesbian players."
Laurel Broten, Laurel Broten... that sounds so familiar.


Frances said...

Am I missing something, Neo, but isn't the NBA a league for MEN? Very, very tall men. No room there for short men either - think Asians excluding the occasional Chinese.

Neo Conservative said...

"frances asks... Am I missing something"

did you click on the links, frances? if the liberal government can impose gender quotas on corporate north america, why would, or should, the nba (tongue firmly in cheek) be exempt?