09 May 2013

Ask a Journo-Canadian

Hey... "young" and "surging"... let's celebrate yet another thriving ethno-community...
halls of macadamia/Wait a minute... turns out this was yet another instance of the mainstream media burying the lede...

"Almost half of all children living in foster care in 2011 were Aboriginal."

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High infant mortality among First Nations could partly account for Canada's poor ranking. While data on the subject is sparse, a 2010 study in the Canadian Journal of Public Health notes infant mortality for Quebec babies born of Inuit mothers was 23.1 deaths per 1,000, compared to 5.1 for Canadians in general.

The worst country in the entire world for first-day deaths is Somalia, where 18 per 1,000 babies never see a second day.
It's gotta be racism... right?