26 May 2013

That dictatorial, racist George W...

...wait a minute...

"We have tried harder than any other European country to integrate, spending billions on a welfare system that is designed to help jobless immigrants and guarantee them a good quality of life," said Marc Abramsson, leader of the National Democrats Party. "Yet we have areas where there are ethnic groups that just don't identify with Swedish society. They see the police and even the fire brigade as part of the state, and they attack them.

We have tried everything, anything, to improve things, but it hasn't worked. It's not about racism, it's just that multi-culturalism doesn't recognise how humans actually function."
England, France and Sweden... all in one week.

Coming soon to a neighbourhood near you?


Anonymous said...

If that was a Canadian politician he'd be ladled a racist. So what Canadian politicians do is evoke policies of appeasement. That’s why Canada is so successful with our left winged immigration and refugee programs. We have honoured the Trudeuian dream of multiculturalism. And the fact that we have a strong majority stand-up conservative government is also why we are the shinning example of the leftist political socialist ideology.