07 May 2013

Reading, writing and...

...OH... MY... GAWD...

A Toronto public school teacher has been ordered to work from home after posting explicit sex-education brochures in his Grade 7 and 8 classroom. Published by the AIDS Committee of Toronto (ACT), it’s entitled “Use Your Head When Giving It: Blow Job Tips” and offers advice for gay men on safe sex.

The brochure includes an image of the tattooed back of a man with his pants down and his backside being clutched by man reaching around from the front, seemingly while on his knees.

TDSB spokesman Ryan Bird insisted the teacher had “good intentions” and used the brochures to communicate with students in a youthful way.
What is it they say about "good intentions"?

There's gotta be a better explanation for this... right?
The school’s trustee, Chris Bolton, did not return calls, nor did TDSB superintendent Beth Butcher.

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The Liberal Party of Canada... all oiled up and ready to go...
"Lowering the age of consent for anal sex between teens and legalizing marijuana may be good ideas, but not high priorities, delegates indicated Wednesday at the opening of the Liberal convention."
And we're gonna start by indoctrinating children in Grade 7, huh?

Hells bells... I know who I'm not gonna vote for.


Frances said...

Neo - why are you surprised? Sex and sexuality are the new Gods, and all expressions of same are to be applauded and encouraged. Think back to 'Brave New World', where sex is totally divorced from reproduction, and concepts such as fidelity are non-existent or almost so.

Neo Conservative said...

silly, uptight me... i thought exposing pre-pubescent children to pornographic images was what was known in sociology circles as "grooming".

i guess metrosexual toronto knows better.