30 May 2013

Ask a Journo-Canadian

Lesson 1.. how to report on a first degree murder...airbrushing the politburoOkay... succinct & to the point, but wait... is there something missing here? Let's see what Canada's "national broadcaster" has to say...oopsFunny thing, though... you click on the article and the headline appears to have been altered. C'mon guys... if you're gonna publicly piss all over someone, at least have the stones to stay the course.

That's the least Canadians expect for their 1.3 billion dollars.


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all oiled up and ready to goReally? I'm shocked.

I guess the pursuit of actual facts is a very selective business.


UPDATE: Another murder in Toronto...

...CBC as yet unable to link killing to Rob Ford...

Toronto police have been called to the scene of a fatal shooting in the city's east end. Police reports that a man was shot at 17 Manti Road, near Morningside Avenue and Lawrence Avenue East.
Don't worry folks, I'm sure they'll keep trying.


UPDATE2: Latest "target" identified
Surenthira Vaithilingam, 37, was killed while doing landscaping in backyard in what police are calling a “targeted shooting.” “It’s very terrible, it’s scary to us,” said one of Vaithilingam’s neighbours, who comes from the same northern-Sri Lankan village that Vaithilingam was from.
Remember, it's not premeditated murder... it's a "targeted shooting."

They almost make it sound like a sport.