22 May 2013

Sure hope the CBC...

...is chasing down Justin Trudeau for a juicy "root causes" soundbite...

"These two guys were crazed. They were just animals. They dragged him from the pavement and dumped his body in the middle of the road and left his body there," he told LBC radio.

He said after the "horrendous" attack, the two men, who were also in their 20s, stood around, waving knives and a gun, and asked people to take pictures of them "as if they wanted to be on TV or something".
Lest there be any doubt about motive...
Senior Whitehall sources have told the BBC that the Woolwich attackers are thought to have tried to film their attack whilst shouting "Allahu Akbar".
The attack is being described in the media as "a beheading"... in south-east London.


UPDATE: Yeah, the blood-soaked hands...

...kinda gave it away...
Prime Minister David Cameron has said there are strong indications the attack was terror related. London's Mayor has said it is too soon to draw conclusions.
allahu akbarHey guys... I think I may have found a clue.
"We swear by almighty Allah we will never stop fighting you."
It can happen in London... it can happen anywhere.



Meanwhile, a short distance across the English Channel...
STOCKHOLM - Hundreds of "YOUTHS" set fire to cars and attacked police and rescue services in suburbs of Stockholm Tuesday night in Sweden's worst disorder in years.

A police station in the Jakobsberg area in the northwest of the city was attacked, two schools were damaged and an arts and crafts center was set ablaze, despite a call for calm from Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt.

It was the third night of unrest, mainly in suburbs where many immigrants live.
Ah, yes... those mysterious "YOUTHS" and their "UNREST". Sleep tight, folks.


LAST WORD: It's probably just a coincidence...

...ask France.



Lemme see... a spate of name-calling, an attack on George Bush, a jihadi impersonation... and some unashamed Trudeau asskissing. Poor little nonny, under his various personalities, really blew a gasket tonight.

I miss critical thought.


Anonymous said...

and because brits are terrified of guns they were unable to take the murderous bastards down. this is coming to a street near you in Canada. no question about it.

Neo Conservative said...

20 minutes to get an armed response on the scene? brit taxpayers should be outraged.