23 May 2013

Somewhere, Lloyd Axworthy...

...is laughing his ass off.

Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird takes a stand against tinpot African dictator muscling folks here in Canada...

“We have made our position on this matter to the Eritreans clear, and we expect that to be respected. The government of Eritrea should not test our resolve on this matter.”
African regime replies... "kiss my ass"...
Semere O. Micael, the Eritrean consul in Toronto said Friday his government would continue collecting what some call an “extortion tax”.
I'm gonna call that one "resolve tested".

Hey, Mr. B., that "soft power" thang... how's that workin' for ya?


UPDATE: It's a start...
Foreign Affairs (DFAIT) announced Wednesday it is expelling Semere Ghebremariam O. Micael, who must be out of the country by June 5.
Watch for this guy to ask for refugee status rather than return to Eritrea.


Anonymous said...

Are you suggesting that Canada should go to war with Eritrea?

Neo Conservative said...

"nonny asks... Are you suggesting that Canada should go to war with Eritrea?"

nope... read slower.

you want a suggestion, we could start by breaking off diplomatic relations with countries that flout canadian law.

or perhaps, nonny... you feel that's too harsh?


Anonymous said...

Breaking diplomatic relations is soft power. Clearly the blogger is against that. Use of force is all that is left if you remove soft power. Nice try Neo.

Frances said...

Maybe Eritrea is just going one step further than Americans who tax on both citizenship and residency. Many long-term Canadian residents are finding they are required to file tax returns in both countries, not to mention report their Canadian assets (bank accounts, RRSPs, etc.) to American authorities. And the IRS is becoming increasingly demanding that this be done.

True, there is a tax treaty which allows deduction of foreign tax paid, which means quite a few Americans resident here do not have to pay US tax; the the filing requirements themselves are fairly onorous. The only way to stop this: renounce your American citizenship and chance never being able to enter the US again.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... Use of force is all that is left "

dearie me... that seems so black & white, so... illiberal.