19 January 2012

The unfailing wisdom of Saint Suzuki

The compassionate, intellectual left just wants to have a conversation... but, as usual, the question seems to be... are the hateful, conspiratorial, dumb as dogshit Conservatives willing to listen?

"Their increasing attacks on charitable organizations and Canadians from all walks of life show that if they can't win with facts, they'll do everything they can to silence their critics."
Yikers... that doesn't sound good... "everything they can." And "silence their critics"? C'mon, Doc... don't leave us hangin'. A staged car crash, poison darts... c'mon, give it up.

Say, David... those charitable organisations the Conservatives are increasingly "attacking"... that wouldn't include DavidSuzuki.org, would it? "Cos, forgive me for being so bold, but you seem to be doin' just fine these days... multiple familes, multiple homes... your apparent status as an "eco-saint".

But, heck, let's not be too hasty here... what other indisputable proofs does Canada's most famous eco-priest/scientist have to offer?

Here we go... and brace yourselves... the rhetoric is positively biblical.

It seems the Harper cabal is...
"sacrificing our environment to a corporate-controlled economy... suicide"
"willing to sacrifice its manufacturing industry, its opportunities in the green-energy economy, its future, and the health of its people"
Oh boy, that's a whole lot of "sacrificing"... which, incidentally... the Conservatives manage to accomplish, while cozying up to...
"the repressive government of China."
Mr Suzuki goes on, not to offer up any evidence for this thesis, but simply to make further accusations...
"a government that hurls insults at its citizens... more attacks and more attempts to silence those who believe."
I swear, you get to the end of this screed... it's Libby Davies storyboarding a John Grisham novel.

The important thing, though... is to go out with a bang...
"government and its "ethical oil" and media supporters don't tell the truth, but it's worse when they don't even offer rational arguments."
Unlike, of course... your esteemed self... the Fresh Green Prince of the Great White North.


RELATED: In other "Do as I say" news...
"Mr. Suzuki was this year caught running his cross-country climate-change tour from a diesel-powered "rock-star" bus, built for 54, for an eight-man entourage."

"And the CBC host has two sizeable homes, despite calling it "disgusting" that the average Canadian's home (most have just one) is larger than that of our grandparents."
More here and here.


"neo figures he'll be dead by the time the climate really comes home to roost. He figures if his kid inherits his arsenal, kid will survive in the mad max world neo is working hard to create. I'm sure he'll thank you as he pisses on your grave, asshole."

Posted by Anonymous to halls of macadamia at 12:31 AM, January 20, 2012
Inarticulate rage... the hallmark of a true believer.

I almost feel sorry for you, nonny.


Don said...

To paraphrase Andrew Wilkow:

"Being 'Green' is for the people, not the 'Greenie'".

Neo Conservative said...



Anonymous said...

more attacks and more attempts to silence those who believe.
Believe being the key word.
Belief is not required if you have facts.

Mr. Neutron said...

First of all, David Suzuki is an idiot. Second... Actually that kind of sums it all up.

Neo Conservative said...

david suzuki... much like paris hilton... has come to believe in the power of his own celebrity.

perhaps, once upon a time, he served a useful scientific life... these days he just lives to promote, well... david suzuki.


Joseph Kool said...

Who the fuck is David Suzuki? Was he on The Beachcombers?