19 August 2008

Architects of their own destruction

More mayhem and murder from the town where even babies are in the line of fire.

-- HOBBEMA, ALTA. -- Delena Dixon, 20, who also goes by the last name Lefthand, was shot in the head Saturday night when her home was riddled with bullets on the Samson reserve, one of four native bands in Hobbema, south of Edmonton.

Ms. Dixon's death – the third homicide since a gun and weapon amnesty was announced weeks ago – sparked emergency meetings by bands on the reserve Monday.
And guess what folks... it'll continue as long as you're willing to turn a blind eye to the sickness in your community.
In the meantime, Chief Supt. Kamins said people in Hobbema need to grapple with their culture of forgiveness when it comes to violent gang members.

Excuses that a gang member is just misguided or is really not a bad kid can no longer be acceptable when there is so much violence, he said. The community continuing to embrace these gang members does nothing to help.
And curfews and sweet grass just ain't gonna pull the train here.



CC, guardian of the perpetually oppressed, says...
"Move along folks, c'mon now... nothing to see here."
Two links in one post... the Cynic's got ants in his pants this morning.



Anonymous said...

This is what happens when you put people in ghettos, give them lots of money, and keep preaching to them they are victims, and therefore, not responsible for their actions.

Anonymous said...

.... and what do murders on Brampton, Toronto, and Edmonton tell you?

PS: tighten yer belt, yer agenda is showing.

Neo Conservative said...

oh, stooge... i should have guessed you'd be the first passenger on the "cc express."

you two make such a cute couple.


Rose said...

Bang on Honey Pot, in fact without gangs and ethnic/racial/religious enclaves thousands of civil servants would have to get real jobs. Entire arms of the Fed/Provincial Govberments exist to administer to the needs of welfare bums, gang bangers etc. If we stripped away their victims status they'd have to admit they are really just "Losers" who are to weak lame and lazy to get out of their own way.

The boiling point will be in five years, the government can't keep up with the demand for services without a massive cash influx and that folks is the real reason Dion wants the Green Shaft implimented.

Sweden had the same problem, the idiots were building workout gyms in ethnic ghettos but the locals (can't do arobics in a burka) shunned those facilities. Sweden finally realised meeting every single need for the weak lame and lazy is suicide to a society so they cut back on welfare benifits and lo and behold those bums got off their ample asses and went and got jobs.

One can't fight gang violence with simpering victim policies, we need to bring the hammer down fast and furious. The victims are the people in those communities being held hostage by violence and intimidation from snot nosed gang bangers.

Anonymous said...

rose wants a job as Xyklon thrower at the extermination camps. Get rid of all the useless eaters!

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... a job as Xyklon thrower at the extermination camps"

and yet again with the outrageous nazi-holocaust stuff. big joke, huh nonny?

hey stooge... you like this kind of stuff too?

well, let's just see how funny the folks at sympatico think it is.