15 May 2008

Invoking the hallowed name of...

The Canadian Human Rights Commission... CJOH, the CTV affiliate in Ottawa... is reporting that Ontario Health Minister George Smitherman is going to re-establish taxpayer funded sex-change operations.

The report made prominent reference to Smitherman's... and I quote... "...outstanding promise to the queer community."

I guess now that Dalton and George are billing Ontarians for OHIP... he's got money to burn.

I dunno, George... aren't you supposed to be health minister for all the people?

Oh well... as long as it's about human rights.


"Maybe fixing these peoples' mental illnesses would be a better use of taxpayers money as opposed to surgery?"

"If I argue that I 'feel' I should be more handsome than I already am, would I get free plastic surgery?"
"Granny can't get a new hip, but you could get a new DICK!"