08 February 2017

Your CBC... where never is heard...

...a discouraging word... about Toronto's vibrant multicultural communities...isuckass political correctness

A 25-year-old man is facing multiple charges after allegedly shooting an Uzi 9mm gun at an apartment door — and later throwing the gun off a balcony.
Yup... just some mysterious unnamed male... who probably wears camo, drives a pickup, disrespects women and loves Donald Trump.

Of course, there's always another way to skin a felon... let's ask the Toronto Police Force, er Service...
Edris Ghulami, 25, of Toronto, was arrested.
I guess we're not gonna have to round up all those farmers, hunters and Olympic hopefuls after all.


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...has been in the news...
Globe & Mail 2002 - Now, police departments are tying into its popularity to reach vulnerable students with messages against drugs, gangs and violence. "Instead of saying, 'Don't do drugs,' we say, 'Here are the facts about drugs, so you can make an informed decision about them.'"
How's that workin' out for you?

Dear Social Justice Minion... here's a thought... "Maybe you should be freakin' saying it."


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Police identified Mohamed El Hatimy, 32, of Toronto, as the city’s eighth homicide victim of 2017.
I'm a lttle surprised Justin isn't screaming about Islamophobia.


LAST WORD: An "alleged gunshot wound"...

...you can almost smell the journalism.


Anonymous said...

This banger obviously didn't get a prohibited (banned) weapon with his up to date PAL over the counter at a sports store to use at the range or the deer camp.

But I'll wager as this gets worse and the MSM/multicult can no longer contain the narrative they will begin to blame shift.

Neo Conservative said...

ol' edris also cut down the barrel on this firearm... and i'm guessing ground off the serial number.

what sort of laws will stop criminals from doing those sort of things?

but, heck... let's prevent all the people who do follow the laws from owning firearms... that'll do... something.