18 February 2017

Says the guy who just gave...

...375 million taxpayer dollars to a company that shed 14,000 jobs over the last couple of years...

Justin Trudeau is blaming corporate and government leaders for the spike in global anger rocking world politics, warning that low wages and the shift to precarious part-time work is at the heart of why citizens are opposing traditional powers.
No hypocrisy at all.


RELATED: Ontario's energy fiasco
Trillium Power Wind — whose project financing was about to close just before the Liberals announced their 2011 moratorium — is suing the Liberal government for $500 million in a lawsuit that alleges malfeasance in public office.

That involves an allegation by Trillium, now being investigated by the Ontario Provincial Police, that the Liberals intentionally destroyed documents relevant to the case after Trillium launched its lawsuit.
From the folks who doubled Ontario's debt since 2003.


Anonymous said...

owg says...............that Canadians were stupid enough to elect someone as stupid as trudeau shows me that Canadians do not deserve to survive.

Martin said...

McGuinty or his minions became over-enthusiastic on the wind turbine scam and decided to move into the lakes, confronting entrenched powerful cottage owners. One thing to dictate to rural unorganized smucks but these people were connected. Therefore a moratorium was called for as an election was coming up. The moratorium was the right decision but the plans should never have gotten beyond the dreaming stage.
The amount of damages sought is absurd, but Trillium is betting that the Liberals will settle for a fraction of that as they did with the 2 gas plants. Another election is coming up and they will want this latest pay off finalized before then.
Ontario citizens especially rural ones are left to wonder why the land based developments are allowed to go ahead and why exactly the bill for cancellation isn't presented to the Liberal Party of Ont.

Anonymous said...

It seems the honeymoon is over, at least with the liberal legacy press - they realize tater tot has been speaking out of his sphincter since he entered politics when he dismisses economic realities as conspiracies - dunce in the PMO, it's now obvious.

Part-time service industry jobs, low wages, high energy bill - Ontario is close to collapse - Tater tot sees this economic Armageddon as a model economy - such a talking sphincter.