20 February 2017

Truth AND Consequences

Doesn't Islamophobia actually mean...insert alt text here...a fear of Islam?

"They will literally call Christians “terrorists” for not wanting to bake a cake for a gay wedding, while completely ignoring the many Muslim countries where being gay is a CRIME and sometimes one whose penalty is death!!"
So, that Liberal motion in Parliament effectively means we're not allowed to be afraid of anything associated with the uber-violent Islamic middle east?


Anonymous said...

old white guy has said many times..........if you do not have a rational, cautious fear of islam you are and idiot.

Anonymous said...

like all things that come from the fringe left/Islamist radical political alliance, it doesn't have to make sense or be reasonable or based on fact - actually the more insane and hypocritical the better, because this is about power.

It's about having special interest political alliances and media sponsors so tightly aligned and financed you could get a law passed to to call day night and night day and make it a criminal offense to criticize this monolithic political opinion.

This is about establishing the agendas of special interests over the will of the electorate - particularly if the electorate's interests are opposite that being carried by the governing cabal.

I think out intellectual lightweight PM is playing with fire.

Anonymous said...

How bizarre, how bizarre, Neo I posted at SDA about how the heat has been turned on under the pot of water we are all in, time to wake up Canada.
Bubba Brown

Neo Conservative said...

they didn't harm this gay infidel... just made her sit in the corner all by herself.


Anonymous said...

Yes Neo she will sit and wait for the call from her masters at their whim.
As long as she fills her "useful idiot" roll that is.