16 February 2017

51 Genders

Just another reason people voted for Donald Trump...

"Unfortunately for the Harvard Computer Club , they included only two genders in Datamatch’s options — and now they’re in big trouble."

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...every unnecessary death is a tragedy... it doesn't have to be a complete waste...insert alt text here
B.C.’s overdose epidemic, especially deaths involving fentanyl, is behind a significant increase in the number of organ transplant donors, according to a B.C. Transplant agency leader.
You keep putting a loaded gun to your head... don't be surprised it occasionally goes bang.


Frances said...

They need two registers - one for "normal" people and one for the LGBTQUERTY crowd. No problem in our household, though we don't refer to ourselves as having genders - that's for grammar.

canadianna said...

Five or so years from now these non-binary people will be holding 'gender reveal parties' when the non-binary one with the womb gives birth.

Neo Conservative said...

i'm certaim i'm a teenager trapped in a much older man's body. will kathleen wynne let me change my birth certificate to reflect "how i feel?"


Anonymous said...

%1 gender dating - Neo remember the good old days when they wouldn't let the mentally deficient breed, let alone date

Neo Conservative said...

as kate at sda would say... "i, napoleon".