12 February 2017

Bringing a Mountain...

...of camel-sh!t to Mohammed...

Swedish city Gothenburg is building a camel park which it hopes will create jobs for migrants, but the plans have been slammed as racist and “absurd” by a charity boss.

The city hopes the camel centre being built in the migrant-dominated suburb of Angered will be able to provide jobs for foreign residents who are otherwise struggling to find a place in the country’s labour market.

“The largest source of income will be from tourism. There is a huge interest in camels both in Sweden and abroad. We expect tourists from around the world, including from Japan and China.

And Lena Salo, who backed giving funding to the centre, said: “I’m no expert on camels but I thought there was a basis. If this could lead to people getting a job, especially Somalis many of whom are very much outside the labour market, then I think it’s worth trying.”

The camel park is part of a wider project to create low-carbon jobs in the area, which was greenlit near the end of last year when the municipality was granted almost 13 million Swedish krona (£1 million) in funding from the EU.

Alright, Camel Disneyland... you can almost smell the "social justice."


Anonymous said...

old white guy says..............hahahahahaha, can things get any more stupid. California wants to regulate cow farts, and Sweden wants to import farting camels from the desert into that cuddly and warm bastion of idiocy. I know that the world has more idiots than sane people. We are not going to survive.

Neo Conservative said...

seems the sjws in sweden have concluded that shovelling up camel shit is where their immigrant populations talents lie.

that's won't offend anyone's sensibilities, right?