08 February 2017

Brought to you by the guys...

...who toss people in jail for selling raw milk to artisanal cheesemakers...insert alt text here

Health Canada, which is facing a growing controversy over tainted medical marijuana, cannot say with certainty how widespread the use of banned pesticides is within the industry.
I don't get it... I mean this stuff is obviously being intensively tested, right up to Trudeau Cabinet level...
The federal government says it will provide $372.5 million in interest-free loans to Bombardier, a move that elicited criticism. The money will be handed out in installments over four years, the government said.

Bombardier made job cuts totalling 14,500 positions over the last two years in an effort to regain its financial footing.
What's Justy got the deficit up to now... 30 billion dollars?


UPDATE: Health Canada decides to test dope
Health Canada says it will begin random testing of medical marijuana products to check for the presence of banned pesticides after product recalls affecting nearly 25,000 customers led to reports of illnesses and the possibility of a class action lawsuit.
Funny how that works.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says..............there is nothing healthy about health Canada.

Anonymous said...

I say get on with the full legalization and open retail of dope - I see this as another societal developmental problem which Darwin has told us is self-correcting.

Neo Conservative said...

"What I remember about smoking dope was that it made you loll around on that dusty old couch in somebody's partially finished basement... listening endlessly to the same Steppenwolf 8-track tape, on a stereo cranked up so high it would've sterilised a labrador retriever."