11 February 2017

Culture don't buy me love

"Actually, perhaps the story that tells you everything you need to know about France was the poll last decade revealing that more than half the population would flee to America if they had the opportunity."
And why wouldn't they?


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“In Mexico, we don’t have any opportunity, we don’t have any education, and you can’t get a job unless you have connections... if I lived in Mexico, I would be selling chewing gum in the street.”
Perhaps threats aren't the way to go...
"About 80% of Mexico’s exports go to the U.S."
And Donald Trump is the guy with his hand on the switch.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says............America does not want or need more communists.

Neo Conservative said...

the jewish community in france is starting to pick up and leave... tourism is down and a significant portion, (especially those with the financial means), of the population obviously has doubts about staying.

france is going down hard.