09 February 2017

Who you gonna believe, asks media...

...me, or your damn lyin' eyes...bias, what bias

The partisan divide is clear throughout the poll’s findings, with 89 percent of Republicans calling the Trump administration truthful, while 77 percent of Democrats find the administration untruthful.

Conversely, 69 percent of Democrats find the news media truthful, while 91 percent of Republicans consider them untruthful.
In retrospect, it seems Trump was inevitable.


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And to the rest of the population, I would simply say, "Wake up and smell the manipulation."


LAST WORD: PTSD? Ask a Parisian...
“What scares tourists is lack of security, not security.”
It's the new reality.


Bill E said...

I trust a cornered rat more than I trust the MSM, at least the rat does not hide its intentions and agenda by teling me its intent to bite mes is motivated by a higher moral imperative.
Our modern MSM is this era's equiveent to the 19th century snake oil salesman or PT Barnum - absolute soul mates

Neo Conservative said...

don't get me wrong... donald trump, in so many ways, is a flawed individual... and there are so many pitfalls for a political novice in the d.c. swamp... but i love that he just says what needs saying... without running everything through focus groups or polls or levels of poli-sci weasels.

and he is apparently willing to die by the sword. doing an end-run on the machiavellian msm is endlessly entertaining... and it may change the industry itself.

it's gonna be an interesting 4 years.


Dollops said...

It's hard to get this one wrong, Neo - Trump is no more flawed than than you, I or any past POTUS. Feeding the meme, "Trump is _____ (fill in your own disparagement)" is neither smart nor helpful.

Neo Conservative said...

well, i suspect that having a billion dollars tends to inflate one's sense of invulnerability and self worth... in addition to providing a pretty soft landing even if everything you do politically blows up in your face.

he's certainly less concerned about legacy than any other potus i can think of.