22 February 2017

Journalism 101

"This mis-framing is made all the more disappointing by the fact that the reporting in this piece is very strong, but obscuring that good journalism is a conceptual framework that is so weak, so full of holes, so lacking in serious, practical understanding of the world that it makes a shocking impression on the reader."

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"Millions of people living in the United States illegally could be targeted for deportation — including people simply arrested for traffic violations — under a sweeping rewrite of immigration enforcement policies announced Tuesday by the Trump administration."
Run a stop sign... you'll be arrested & deported.

Of course, that's not at all what's happening.


LAST WORD: All Trump, all the time...

...CBC has no time to report on Toronto spree murders
A year after a gang-related shooting outside of a restaurant in Toronto’s Chinatown left two people dead and three others wounded, police have charged a second suspect who they say was the leader of a violent gang originating in Nova Scotia. He is is scheduled to appear in a Toronto court on March 2.
And we're not talking one isolated incident here...
Sparks-McKinnon and Richardson, who are half-brothers and were also charged in the Halloween 2015 murder of Charles Shillingford in downtown Toronto.

Jahmal Richardson and Kyle Sparks-McKinnon, as well as Mitchell Mannette, 20, of Halifax and Denzell Tyresse Walter Desmond, 19, of Halifax were arrested and charged with first-degree murder in connection with that shooting.
The silence of the BLMs... you can almost smell the journalism.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, no matter how they spin it, it's pretty obvious Mexico city ran better when the Aztecs ran it.

As for the Kanukistani Lugenpresse, always look for the word "coud" in these hyperbolic headlines because that is the liar's plausable deniability if anyone sues over the fraudulent narrative they spin.

Speaking of the lugenpresse scapegoating Trump, I saw a screed in a Calif. local lugenpresse trying to blame the rains on Trump - they're done, stick a fork in 'em.

Martin said...

The CBC story expresses shock that someone crossing the border illegally may be sent back, even though they concede it is a criminal act. What they fail to mention is that several amnesty programs over the years have offered legal status to Mexican illegals who come forward, pay a fine and pay some back taxes. The last major one was signed by President Reagan 1986; it offered amnesty to any who had resided in US since 1982. But going forward, illegals were to be treated seriously.

One might ask the reporters and producers if they bother locking their home doors, and if so why, as many people would enjoy a warm place to sleep. What exactly is different about a country's security?

Neo Conservative said...

allowing illegals in now is a slap in the face to anyone who went through the arduous process to up stakes and emigrate.

why have rules if you're not gonna enforce them?


Anonymous said...

Neo, the globalist junta's endorsement of illegal migrants is not a slap in our face, it is a cheapening of our own national citizenship and a treasonous sell out to post nationalist dystopian cultural/national genocide.

In a more enlightened and civil age, those responsible would be lynched by the angry mob.