03 February 2017

Everyone a Wynner...

...well, except for people who use electricity...

TORONTO -- Ontario Power Generation did not publicly consult on a maximum $3.8-million salary for its CEO or up to $8 million in raises for about 80 executives.

But the Liberal government says it won't order the nuclear operator to redo its public consultation, including the dollar figures, as it acted "in good faith."
My last months hydro bill was $600.00. Ontarians have the highest electricity prices in North America... I wonder why.

Thanks Kathleen.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says...........in Canada one always gets a raise or bonus for screwing the taxpayer.

Anonymous said...

Could Hugo Chavez have run an energy utility any worse? ....or be more brazen with patronage plumbs for his cronies?

Tie for a purge before your province hits the point of no return in corruption and bankruptcy.

Neo Conservative said...

the liberals have doubled ontario's debt since they got in in 2003.

we pay the highest price for electricity in north america.

the healthcare system is crumbling.

i could go on... but shouldn't that be enough?


Bill E said...

Leave Neo. Pack it in and go west.

We'll welcome real Canadians here. lots of space to feel free.

Soon we will consolidate the conservative vote under one banner and we ill be back t normal as the last bastion of commie free real Canada left in this god forsaken communist experiment.

Neo Conservative said...

i could see moving west with the proviso that i could spend those brutal winters in, say... a place like costa rica.

actually, that sounds like a plan.