02 February 2017

Angela Merkel's real legacy

The statistics, which come from the Bavarian police, show the number of non-German criminal suspects has increased over the past year from 46 to 48 per cent and the crime rate overall has risen six per cent in the city.

The report is the first time that asylum seekers have been recorded separately from other non-Germans and account for one in five non-German suspects or 8.6 per cent of total suspects, Merkur reports.

“In some regions from which asylum seekers are coming, it is acceptable to live off of drug trafficking”


Pissedoff said...

Yet Murky has the cheek to condemn Trump.

Neo Conservative said...

i suspect angela is trying to make the most of her remaining days in the sun.

her legacy, sadly for her... will be the woman who plunged germany into criminal, terrorist chaos.