09 February 2017

From the folks who brought you...

...the miracle of medical marijuana...

A Nova Scotia doctor has lost her privileges to treat opioid users at an inpatient detox unit in Pictou because she refuses to prescribe methadone, or what she calls a "medical monster."
Hmmm... instead of supplying junkies with free methadone for the rest of their lives, she's been weaning them off junk in one week. Apparently, that isn't official government policy.

It's kind of funny though... the government isn't going after the tainted dope people...
A Moncton, N.B., medical marijuana operation at the centre of a Health Canada recall continues to promote itself as organic on its website, even though its organic certification was suspended last month.
Has Organigram made any financial contributions to Justin and the Doper Party in the last little while?

Just asking.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says.............so, in NS these days getting people off drugs is not really what they want to do. Just what do they want? Dependence on government controlled drugs?

Bill E said...

If you want to solve the mystery of who exactly is driving this new humanitarian outreach to junkies by the welfare state , you want to research exactly who it is who has the sole manufacture and legal/patent rights to methadone.

This is the same scenario where we saw every kid with discapline problems put on SRI drugs and vaccines given for every condition in the codex alementaia.

Where big drug dollars are being spent by government, the silent partner is big pharma - the cost of string out a junky's addiction torment with clinical drugs is a small price to pay to keep the Pharma-Meds economy healthy - your tax dollars at work folks - can't pay senior's pensions but we got money to buy a fix for junkies.

Gotta have progressive priorities.

Neo Conservative said...

if the state feels comfortable telling doctors how to practice medicine, how much compunction will it have in dictating how joe blow must behave.

1984... it's here.