03 February 2017


Somebody really needs to translate that "knife to a gunfight" saying into Arabic...where's justin

••• "The BBC news report on this incident, on UK television, noted that the perpetrator shouted 'god is great' in Arabic. Presumably it was a multilingual KKK member."
••• "Just read the article on CBC. NO mention of his ethnicity NOR did they mention the "allahu akbar" part of the attack. On Justin's orders I presume."
The Toronto "Red" Star is referring to this guy, not as a terrorist, but as a "machete attacker."

The Globe and Mail is going with "man with machete."

The National Post & Toronto Sun downsized the threat, calling him a "knife-wielding man."

It is Paris police chief Michel Cadot, however, who walks away with the weasel words grand prize with... “It was an attack by a person whose actions suggested a terrorist context.”

When will enough be enough?
"More than 230 people have died in France in the past two years at the hands of attackers allied to the militant Islamist group Islamic State."

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...we're safe here... right?
"More than 300 foreign terrorists, spies and criminals who pose a risk to Canada’s national security tried to sneak into Canada last year, according to a report quietly released by the federal government on Monday."
You think Justin's gonna keep you safe?

Think again.


Anonymous said...

It's official then, Canada has state-imposed censorship of information deemed blasphemous (or factually damaging) to Justin's sharia caliphate masters.

Words fail me in expressing the contempt I have for the despotism which silences the truth and censors free expression of the truth - this is a dark age in our once proud nation. My opinion of Justin has gone for a source of amusement to that of contempt for his Canada/freedom-hating autocratic reflexes.

He must be censured by parliament if he is actively imposing his censorship on the free press - it's positively fascist.

Neo Conservative said...

Remember, Trudeau refused to call this guy a terrorist.