01 February 2017

Watch as media manufactures news

He seemed weird,” said Desveaux, who admitted it was a superficial assessment since he had never really spoken to Bissonnette.
Oh, yeah... he "loved guns as a kid," says another busybody from 15 years ago.

Except it wasn't an actual gun, it was an air-fired pellet rifle, like me and every one of my friends had when we were kids. These a-holes should be ashamed of themselves.

Where was all the Sherlock Holmes type speculation when Gamil Gharbi and Michel Zehap Bibeau were murdering Canadians?

In Europe after the attacks where Muslims with provable connections to terror groups smashed into crowds with tractor trailers, the BBC headlines were merely about people "killed by trucks."

Remember, this is Canada...

...only native born white guys can be terrorists...
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau did call it a "despicable act of terror." Quebec provincial police are "treating the attack as a terrorist act," CBC News reports, but RCMP have only said that the suspect could "later face terrorism-related charges, depending on the outcome of the ongoing investigation."
All the evidence says Bissonette is a murderer... but don't let the narrative be bent to excuse Islamic terror.


robins111 said...

I'm still trying to figure out how all the witnesses were able to mistake the shooter muttering 'Tabernac' and think he was yelling 'Ally Snackbar'..

Neo Conservative said...

our friends in professional journalism initially reported 2 active shooters shouting "allahu akbar."

trust 'em as far as you can throw 'em.


Frances said...

Neo - let us now remember the Christian Quebecois gunned down in Burkino Faso where they had gone to help the local Christians. Did we get this outpouring of grief for those families? Didn't think so.

Unknown said...

Check this out Neo:

Yesterday one of the headlines read "Mosque shooter was a Trump fan"
That was based on his FB page where 'liked' Trumps page.

What MSM didn't mention was the 'liked Katy Perry and the Hitchen brothers.

This is from a great journalist, Sheila Gunn Reid.



Anonymous said...

old white guy says.............the narrative will always fall in support of islam no matter what. a young man murdered six people. if a muslim does so it is cultural normality.

Bill E said...

“boy used to shoot his pellet gun at trees in the woods behind his house as a youngster” <…> “like many local boys.”

Here is the kernel of truth within the insinuated lie we have to cherry-pick through to get to the fact this was a non-news item primarily aimed at misdirecting us to another implied conclusion. Of course this piece all but comes out and states all psycho-killers “loved guns” as boys and that that normal kid across the street is probably a psycho-killer.

It does this by subliminal insinuation – below surface subconscious conclusions you reach outside the textual framework of the article – this is of course low-level mental condition and it is a skill Soviet propagandists perfected – we see it regularly in our media particularly where politicized issues with government agendas are concerned – just like in Soviet Cuba. It works on anyone who does not have a developed skill for syllogistic logic and critical thinking capacity.

Our “lugenpresse” are soviet-styled propagandists who pimp narratives of their political bosses connected to the power structure - There I said it and not subliminally either.

Martin said...

Interesting how media in lockstep can be absolutely certain of motive, influence, and mindset of the perp without any access to interviews. CBC mentions Bissonnette and Donald Trump in the same sentence, what, 100 times a day? This based on a bookmark on his Facebook, along with half a dozen other politicians. Are we to believe the President drove this person to enter a mosque and shoot about 2 dozen people; based on a speech or action? Bissonnette a Fracophone presumably gets his news from French language sources. Trump's speeches are mainly delivered in English; is it not conceivable that some of his influences came from the PQ, or other local sources listed on his Facebook? It would at least be objective for CBC to mention these other bookmarks, but don't count on it.The narrative has been established; the Rebel was excoriated in the NP yesterday for even asking
asking some alternate questions. Not great journalism.

Neo Conservative said...

and the average, politically apathetic cbc viewer just gobbles it all up.

that's how we ended up with pierre-lite.