23 February 2017


"When I was crossing the border into Canada, they asked if I had any firearms with me. I said, 'What do you need?'"


Anonymous said...

Customs is just a reflection of the political junta in a nation - here our globalist junta has priorities -

A) flood the nation with needy dependent 3rd world welfare clients to form a perpetual voting block for the single party state - so they don't care where you come from

B) second disarm the public so effective revolt to the globalist police state is impossible, this is done by confiscating at every opportunity and every contact with state actors through a myriad of petty regulatory traps - the border checks for guns put on extra staff when there is a gun show at US cits within driving distance of the border - don't want any of the yankee culture of 2nd amendment freedom crossing the maple curtain.

C) Beer/Liquor/tobacco will net you the same jail time and fines dope smuggling used to our Cuba-north junta have monopolies on all the vices and so dope will be on the customs list if you buy non-federal supplies. The government hates competition from private criminal orgs. so we must uphold the state monopoly on human vices.

So other than buying a new ruger 25 magazine for your legal 10/22, or a new york state lotto ticket, or some cheap yankee cigs or beer or likker, you could transport a trunk loaf of ISIS soldiers and the customs would wave them through - you gotta have priorities!

Neo Conservative said...

meanwhile, in british columbia, the government is supplying junkies with pharmaceutical grade heroin on the public dime.