01 February 2017

The first thing we do...

...is kill all the lawyers...

Manitoba Tory MP James Bezan said Baker's request (Vince Li — who now goes by the name Will Baker) for a discharge should be denied and Bezan expects it will be.

"Will Baker, regardless of the name that he goes by, still beheaded and cannibalized Tim McLean."
But wait, it gets better...
The Supreme Court of Canada ruled in 1999 that a review board MUST ORDER an absolute discharge if a person doesn't pose a significant threat (apparently decapitation & cannibalism don't fall under this category) to public safety.
So... if Vince Li harms another person over the course of his lifetime... can we charge the Supreme Court Justices as accessories?


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A 26-year-old man is in critical condition in hospital after he was shot at Yonge & Steeles, the third shooting in the GTA in 12 hours. The men demanded the keys to their car, a black 2008 Ford Focus.

Police say they then shot the man, assaulted the woman, and stole their car.
You're willing to murder someone for a Ford Focus? Seriously?

Yup... you are crazier than the proverbial shithouse mouse.


Frances said...

If I remember correctly, Vince Li had been diagnosed with schizophrenia some time before he killed Tim McLean, and had not been taking his meds when he got on the bus. If I am correct, he already has a history of non-compliance.

Further, it is my understanding that there are rather nasty side-effects with the current schizophrenia meds, which partly explains why so many schizophrenics go off them. I would like to know the percentage of schizophrenics who do stay on their meds full-time with no relapses.

Mr Li (or Mr Baker as he is now known) may be very sincere in saying he will stay on his meds, but will he?

Neo Conservative said...

"frances says... had not been taking his meds when he got on the bus. If I am correct, he already has a history of non-compliance."

frances, you're right... as detailed in 2009... tim mclean died because the experts trusted vince li.

Apparently... three and a half years ago (2005)... the cops had brought now infamous decapitator-of-strangers Vincent Li to a Toronto hospital, where he was supposed to be on a 14 day psych-hold while he got his head read. It seems that ol' Vince had other plans and just meandered away.

feeling safer yet?


Anonymous said...

old white guy suggests............a frontal lobotomy for Li just to make sure his symptoms never return.

robins111 said...

There should be a list of addresses drawn up, in which every one of these SJW who are involved in releasing these monsters, including violent criminals. Then the released would be installed into houses next door to these smug bastards, let nature take its course.

Neo Conservative said...

what i don't get is, we're letting the crazy cannibal back on the street because he says he'll be a good boy from now on.

how can this guy be considered harmless without someone standing over him as he takes his meds, however many times a day? and that's assuming psych meds work 100%... which i very much doubt.

that's the insanity.


Bill E said...

Call me a callous, un-feeling, racist but I can't help but think that in one of those passengers was armed and had the right to armed self defense, Mr. Li would have done minimal carnage and ultimately would have saved the state a trial and the taxpayer a lot of money institutionalizing an incurable dangerous lunatic they were too gutless to lobotomize.

Neo Conservative said...

unfortunately, in commie canada, you carry concealed at your peril. suppose someone had saved tim mclean's life... the aftermath would have been arrest, trial and prison.

meanwhile, back in the real world, vince the cannibal gets to run free once again. what a world.


Bill E said...

Well. of course that's the rub isn't it Neo, our rulers are not the caring progressives they disguise themselves as , but are in fact, degenerate communists with no moral compass - this is why they would rather have innocent people butchered, than do the right thing and have the public doubt their utioian narratives.

Neo Conservative said...

let's make it a condition of li's release that he has to live within a two mile radius of parliament hill.

the powerbrokers might sleep a little less easily.