27 February 2017

The cookie crumbles

Some doctors who have helped the gravely ill end their lives are no longer willing to participate in assisted death because of emotional distress or fear of prosecution if their decisions are second-guessed, according to their colleagues.

In Ontario, one of the few provinces to track the information, 24 doctors have permanently been removed from a voluntary referral list of physicians willing to help people die. Another 30 have put their names on temporary hold.
Meanwhile, Toronto's "involuntary" euthanasia program rolls along at an impressive pace...
Police have identified the victim of a fatal shooting in East York on Saturday night. Toronto resident, 25-year-old Shoaid Asakzai, was discovered by officers in medical distress after they were called to a residence on Thornecliffe Park Drive, near Overlea Boulevard, just before 6:30 p.m.


Jen said...


"Morning minute Canadian under threat of Execution in Cananda Feb 27 2017", on #spreaker


Can you image HOM, the young lady in this cries as she expresses her fear in Canada please listen to her.