06 February 2017

Cough, cough... U.C. Berkely

This is THE most important thing to watch; the violence. I always keep an eye on who is rioting… breaking things… throwing rocks and bombs. It doesn’t make them Nazis. But it signals how far they’re willing to go.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says...................berkely has been a cesspool of left wing stupidity for decades. only a fool would send a child to that institution of communist indoctrination. even a bigger fool would think that anything that comes out of there has any value.

Anonymous said...

Paid agents of iguana eyes Soros, they just don't know that revolutions eat their children.
Enersto Lyncn AKA "Che" shot students that dared to speak.
here is a little light hearted look at "millennials" in 4 part harmony this guy is good and funny.

Anonymous said...

owg says............anon, I read that 50k was paid to one group by soros.

Neo Conservative said...

the lunatic left keeps rioting, they will eventually get someone killed.

although i suppose, they will then blame that on donald trump.