03 February 2017

Repeat after me:

"A bad poem on an old French statue is not an immigration policy. Plus a healthy dose of Emma Lazarus‘ insane idea that all countries of the world should send their losers to us."


Anonymous said...

old white guy says............the truth should scare the crap out of Canadians but they really are too stupid to be scared.

Anonymous said...

Coulter makes the mistake of thinking this policy of importing welfare cases form other 3rd world hell holes is just a mistake made by stupid libtards - but it isn't, it's a well strategized agenda, and it's malevolent and aied at collapsing the system and middle class political power, and ultimately constitutionally contained governing.

The Dems and LPC are NOT liberals, they are full out internationalist communists - this collective western left (statist sociaists, communists, Marxists etc,)ost the great debate with constitutional Democratic capitalism when their great experiments of USSR, China, Cuba now Venezuela fell to the social and economic degeneracy which centralized socialist tyranny produces.

From that point forward they don't "debate", they plot and the agenda is to collapse the current system and seize power by force because constitutional rule of law and democratic polity rejects communism. The have spent 30 years in conditioning an army of useful idiots as shock troops and indoctrinating a generation of partisan administrators and Obama was their coup d'état - he failed to collapse the economic system, social cohesion and gut the constitution and Trump was the people attempting to restore the republic - to which the communists double down with street rioting and open revolt.

Open borders migration was the insurgent left's attempt at a communist ground troop invasion - it was accomplished in the EU it was attempted in the US and it is still under way in Canada.

For gawd sake the first step to dealing with this is to stop calling these malevolent insergents "Liberal" they are autocratic transnational commies who want to make China the head of a global governing system.

Neo Conservative said...

this leftwing ponzi scheme is unsustainable.

truly... i fear for my country.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says...........I agree with anon. I have been calling them communists for a long time. no need to use any other word or euphemism.